We offer a wide range of repairs. We advise our customer’s to bring their instruments and bows at least twice a year for review.
Below is a list of maintenance work, which we do on a day-to-day basis and generally do not take longer than a week:

    •   Gluing open edges and corners
    •   Eliminate Buzzes
    •   Dress Fingerboards
    •   Lubricate Pegs
    •   Replace/refit Tailpiece and Gut
    •   Add/replace Tailpiece Tuners
    •   Clean and Polishing
    •   Major retouching for Varnish Wear
    •   Straighten Bridge
    •   Add/replace Drumskins
    •   New Post
    •   Refit Post
    •   Tonal Adjustments(only for VIP )
    •   Bow rehairs (Bow rehairs require a minimum of two business days to be completed)
For the following repairs we will evaluate the item and give you an estimate of how long the repairs should take. These generally do not take longer than one month:
    •   New Fingerboard
    •   New York Neckset
    •   New Pegs
    •   Restore Edges and Dents
    •   New Bridge
    •   New Frog
    •   New Tip
Please keep in mind that we must always evaluate an instrument/bow before giving an estimate of cost and time frame. When you bring your items to our shop, we will review each item carefully and go through a checklist determining what is okay, what should be repaired, and what repairs are essential for the item’s upkeep.

我們提供廣泛的維修項目。 我們建議顧客至少一年兩次帶弓與琴來做復檢。


    •   脫膠
    •   去除雜音
    •   刨指板
    •   潤滑弦栓
    •   拉絃板&拉絃繩維修調整
    •   更換微調器
    •   清理與拋光
    •   補漆
    •   琴橋矯直
    •   替換骨皮
    •   更新音柱
    •   矯正音柱位置
    •   調音 (限VIP客戶)
    •   更換弓毛(更換完成至少需花費二個工作天)


    •   換新指板
    •   頸下墊片
    •   換新音栓
    •   修復邊與塌陷
    •   換新尾庫
    •   換新骨片